The morning of the nightmare..

She awoke to find herself in darkness.  She gasped!  It was morning.  Where was the sun?  She ran outside to see why there was no light.  There was a very loud noise in the distance.  A howling, almost.  She was very frightened.  She ran back inside, locked her doors, ran to the phone, and tried to call her family, only to find that her phone wasn’t working.  She could hear her own breathing now.  She was so scared.  She tried to calm herself, but nothing helped.  The growling noise grew louder and louder and a scraping sound like something was scraping on the side of her house.  Her hands were trembling.  She heard her heart pounding as she saw a tiny light in the distance.  It was very hazy around the house.  It was very hard to make out where the source of light was coming from.  All the lights were out in her house, too.  The only source of light she had was her cell phone, which she clung to very tightly, even though there was no dial tone…no way of communicating with anyone.  She heard a very loud pounding at her door.  “Please, let me in!  Help me!”  She was terrified. They were begging for her to help them.  What was on the other side of that door was her fear.  She gripped the door handle and started to open it very slowly as the person was crying and begging for help.  She opened the door to see something that was not a person.  She had never seen anything like this in her life.

Its face all torn and weathered looking.  Eyes that looked into your very soul, its body disfigured.  She tried to scream but couldn’t.  Nothing came out.  She stood there with her mouth open, frozen like that as the creature laughed the most horrible laugh.  It grabbed at her arm, tore her sleeve, and tried to pull her away from the door, but she was froze there.  Screams trapped inside her from the terror.  Fear overcame her!  She was frozen in time.  The creature slowly crawled away laughing the horrible laughter and leaving her there in the darkness.  She could sense everything around her but she was trapped, paralyzed with fear.  She saw creatures crawling by her in the darkness, moaning and laughing horrible laughs.  She thought, “Where am I?  Where is everybody?  Why am I here and when will it stop?”  Just then, a warm hand touched her face and a voice whispered, “You are real…you are not one of them.”  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she heard that voice.  Still not able to speak, he picked her up, carried her into the house, locked the door, laid her on the sofa, and covered her with a warm blanket.  He got some candles and went and got her some water to drink.  She saw his eyes.  He had seen many things that couldn’t be unseen that would haunt him forever.  As he whispered, talking to her so gently, she started to move.  A tiny whisper came out.  “Thank you,” she said to him.  “Thank you for saving me.”

“Where are we?” she asked him.  He looked at her, his voice so quiet and he answered simply, “I wish I knew.  I awoke to being dragged away by one of those creatures.  I fought to get away and have been running in the darkness since then.  They had to figure out how to get to help and try to figure out what had happened.  There is no source of communication, so they will have to figure out a way to travel.  He had seen a truck near her house, he told her.  He was going to see if he could crank it up, but they needed weapons and supplies.  They had no idea what lay ahead of them.

She was a small town and country girl that had just moved to the city, she told him.  Her name was Danielle.  She asked his name, to which he replied that he had worked on a farm all of his life and that Justin was his name.  She watched him work, looking for things they would need: food, water, what few candles she had left.  He found a baseball bat.  Great weapon.  He asked her if she have anything else that could be used as a weapon.  Danielle told him that there were some shovels and an axe right behind the house.  Justin said they would get those on their way out.  He grabbed her by the arms, looked deep into her eyes, and asked her in a gentle, but firm tone if she was ready to be strong and make this trip.  As he stared into her beautiful, blue eyes, he told her he would be beside her all the way to protect her.  She stood back, put her hands on her hips, and trying to sound all brave she said, “Let’s get this moving!”  He chuckled a little and said, “Yes ma’am!”  She couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  They gathered all the supplies and snuck out the door very slowly.

They could see the truck in the distance.  They gabbed the two shovels and axe from behind her house, then, made a run for the truck, as they heard the growling and the horrible laughter in the distance that ran chills down their spines.  They both just wanted to be in the safety of the truck.  They made it there, but the doors were locked.  Justin took the axe and shattered the driver-side window and unlocked the door.  For both of them, the fear of not being able to crank the truck arose, as they saw no keys.  Justin searched under the visor, everywhere he could think.  Danielle saw something out of the corner of her eye in the ashtray.  There it was!  The key to the truck!  They both sighed a sigh of relief as Justin cranked the truck.  They gasped as they saw what the headlights shined on.  The creatures are crawling all over the land, the road, everywhere you look!  There were trees that had been twisted like a storm had hit them.  The entire landscape was disfigured.  Tears descended from their eyes as they wondered if would they ever see life again.  Justin threw the truck in drive and hit the gas, hearing the howling get louder as the creatures were shocked by the sound of the truck’s roaring engine.  She inquired as to where they were going,  how far the gas in the tank would take them.  He told her they’d go as far as they could.  “Let’s not think about that now!” as he hit the gas again, watching the creatures scramble to get out of the road.  He called them slugs because they drug themselves along and were so horrible looking.  They drove about five miles when they saw a building with a bright light shining from inside it.  They both felt a sense of excitement and fear at the same time.  Exhilarated!  Could there be more humans there?

They pulled up to the front of the store and saw a little boy looking at them from inside the door.  His eyes were dark.  They could only imagine what the child had seen.  When they got to the door, they found several families inside the store with children.  They were so excited to see them!  Danielle asked one of the women what had happened.  “Why are we in this horrible place?  Do you know??”  The woman told her that there was a nuclear storm of some sort and the state they lived in was separated from the United States.  What used to be the little state of Utah is now some kind of nuclear land, crawling with the slugs and other creatures.  The landscape was so disfigured.  It was almost unrecognizable.  The animals that were still alive have become nuclear creatures.

Danielle, Justin, and all the families decided that they had to make a plan to get out of this place.  Justin told them he had an idea.  A plane!  That had to be the only way out…if they could get them to run.  But, they needed a pilot to fly the small planes.  There was a young, very shy boy.  He couldn’t have been more than eighteen.  He said very quietly, “I have had flying lessons!”  Justin said, “Great!  You will get us out of this forsaken land!”  They found another truck near the store, gathered more supplies, and headed for the airport.  The children started crying when they heard the howling and laughter  that sent chills down your spine.  Danielle tried to help the mothers comfort them as they made the drive to the airport.  They were very surprised when they arrived there.  The planes were in very good shape.  Almost untouched.  They loaded all the families in the biggest plane, as the young boy, Luke, was getting the plane ready for take off, while Justin and Danielle were helping everyone get into their seat belts and trying to make them as comfortable as possible.  Justin then went to the cockpit of the plane with Luke, as he heard the engines roar.  As they cranked it up, he told Luke, “You are going to have to be strong and fly us to great heights to get us out of here.”  Luke nodded at him.  As he was moving the plane forward, the creatures stopped as if they knew what was happening.  Just as the plane was starting to lift off the runway, there were really big flashes of lightening, like it was opening the sky for them.

They lifted higher and higher almost to the point of them needing oxygen.  Then, it was like they were pulled through this black hole into another dimension.  The feeling of relief suddenly came over them all.  They did it!  They had survived that place!  A little girl was screaming, “Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  Look!.”  The mother said, “Hush, child. It’s ok.”  But the mother screamed herself when she saw it.  They were dropping lower now, and she could see a city.  “New York!”  she thought.  Cars moving, people moving.  They looked like ants but they were real people?  Everyone started crying.  They were really free now!  When they landed at JFK airport, they told their stories.  They were quickly rushed away to have their health and everything checked and to start their new lives.  Danielle and Justin soon married and were starting a life….What caused this nuclear storm?  No one knows, but it was very real to them.

A very special thanks to da OmniDragon for all of the help with my blog ❤ 🙂

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