New day…

She sat alone. The only sound the clock ticking on the wall. Her heart beating, she could hear her breathing and the crying inside. The most dreaded kind ever, the crying that no none could hear. It was inside. In the silence her very soul was weeping. A sadness inside her that was scary, that overcome her, made her feel like a prisoner to it. She felt helpless. Like no one understood her; but how can they, she cannot understand it herself. A deep, hurt feeling inside her she never wanted. Pity she hates that she just wants help and to be understood. She yearned for help. She just wanted to feel happy again she wanted
herself back.. What has she become? Where has the person that she was gone? Crying tears uncontrollably for no reason at all. Friends, people that care about her, trying to help her. She loves them so much; her
heart is full of love for them. She decided to take a long walk into the night. She started running. She just could not stop. Branches scraping gently across her face, her arms, and legs as she ran; almost
like fingers grabbing her in the darkness. She could feel the dew dripping on her from the trees. She collapsed on a hill of moss. Trying to regain her breath from running, she closed her eyes to try to make
the deafening sound stop. It was bugs, the night creatures all singing their songs. Her mind was spinning; taking her places she shouldn’t be; making her panic. She finally got her breathing under control and tried to relax as she looked up at the beautiful full moon. It shined on her face, making a glow almost around her as she lay there on the moss. Letting all the feelings inside out into the night, she a hears small animal scurry near her almost brushing her leg. It frightened her, but made
her giggle a little too. She needed to laugh more. She had almost forgotten how that felt. She smiled to herself thinking how easily the little things make her happy. She needed to remember that she has
always had that inside her. It was like the animals were watching over her, protecting her. As she feels asleep under the bright moonlight on the dew covered moss, curled on her side, the dew making her hair into curls around her face, she dreamed the most beautiful dreams of beautiful places that took her breathe away. She was awaken by a deer eating near her as the sun was rising slowly over the mountain. It was a new day. She stretched, rubbing her eyes. Trying to get awake as the
sun warmed her; burning off the dew as it raised higher in the sky. A new day….

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