Scribes Ubuntu Text Editor

Scribes Ubuntu Text Editor


Scribes Is Ubuntu Text Editor that supports 70+ programming languages Scribes is an open source text editor for Linux based operating systems which has been designed to streamline the workflow of developers.  It automates common and repetitive operations by providing hotkey support for indentation,paragraph management, line, word/paragraph selection, option to toggle letter cases, etc. Scribes supports more than 70 programming languages, including, HTML, Java XML, PHP, SQL, VB.Net, SH, RPM Spec, Python, Prolog, Perl,Pascal, Ruby, gtk-dic, FCL, Open GL Shading Language, C, C# and so on. Other features include, support for remote editing via FTP, SFTP, SSH, Samba, WebDav, automatic word correction, completion and pairing, document switcher, automatic indentation and a skinable interface.  Scripes comes with an auto hide toolbar You can search document text by simply typing for words or expressions.  The search can be performed according to regular expressions and by find as you type functionality.  Other options in the toolbar offer similar functions that one would expect in a feature rich text editor such as syntax highlighting, theme selection, auto replace editing, printing and other options. I love the fact that it saves the project as you are working it saves it to the desktop which makes it very easy to find when working on a project.  You can change the default theme (I love that option) and access the Theme Selector, Template Editor, auto Replace Editor and Advanced Configurations ( to change text selection color) from drop-down list button present next to Preferences in toolbar. The right-click context menu contains a lot of advanced options such as paragraph selection (previous, next, and reflow), text case changing (title case, toggle case and swap case), indentation, line editing, spacing, input method and insertion options. Each function contains a hotkey listed next to it which makes it easy to quickly perform important tasks.  For example, you can toggle text case by using the ALT+U hotkey.  Document formats can be changed from Preferences.  The Document Type menu contains the list of more than 70 supported document formats. You can also change tab width and font, enable text wrapping, right margin and spell checking.  Ubuntu users can install Scribes from the Ubuntu Software Center, from the developers website (link given below) or by entering the following commands in the Terminal:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mystilleef/scribes-daily
  • sudo apt-get updates
  • sudo apt-get install scribes

Download link:
And here is Scribes in action Demo
Arch Linux also has this editor in its repository and it can be installed in Arch using pacman

  • # pacman -Sy scribes

In fact, all major Linux distributions do have Scribes in their repositories and you can use their equivalent package management tool to install it.  Bookmarking specific lines in Scribes is done by moving the cursor to the line to be bookmarked and pressing the shortcut key [Ctrl+D]. Interestingly the same key shortcut is used to both add a bookmark and to remove it.  To navigate through the bookmarks, press [Alt + right arrow] or [Alt + left arrow].  Scribes also has a bookmark browser which you can get access to by pressing [Ctrl+B]. The bookmark browser will be displayed only if you have at least one bookmark in your document.”Syntax Color Editor” can be used to change the syntax color shown in your document. I personally like this text editor a lot it has a lot of components that would make editing or writing code very easy when working with a project,  if  you are looking for a text editor please give it a try.

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