Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

The air is just filled with the smell of spring warmer days, lots of sun, thunderstorms, it’s upon us now the frogs singing in the pond happy to feel the warm water all around them as they slowly grow. The flowers stretching from the earth bringing their beautiful blossoms and wonderful smell with their beauty the birds singing sweet melodies as you awake in the morning almost like they are singing good morning to you, just being out side feeling the sun on your face as a gentle breeze blows as you watch everything just coming to life. The trees struggling to bring forth new younglings tender leaves on their branches as they stretch out getting relief from the long winter. Time for slow walks in the warm rain splashing in the water with your feet as you walk…Please take time to soak it all in and enjoy Spring only last a short time and then we go into the long summer this is such and amazing time of year to watch everything just come to life the trees the grass growing the strong smell of freshly cut grass the sweet beautiful smell of the flowers as their beauty shines in the sunlight the little birds dancing singing playing ever so happy..


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