The Stillness of the night

The stillness of the night not a sound but my heart beating, my mind reflecting over the days thoughts , wondering what the new day will hold, I wish I was on top of a mountain right now staring at the stars laying on a quilt on the cool grass looking  up at the twinkling lights as they dance for me the moon shining on my face kissing it with a drop of dew I hear a faint sound in the distance it’s a Owl he is curious “whooo whooo” he says, keeping a close eye on the forest. I see a falling star I close my eyes make a wish,I smell the sweet smell of the dew as it covers the grass now, I drift off to sleep as the flowers and the trees settle in for a long nights sleep to be awoken by the sun teasing them to wake up open their petals show their beauty the birds sing a beautiful song welcoming in the morning as I watch the sun raise over the horizon bringing night to morn the butterflies come out to kiss the flowers good morning as I see the animals scurry around now looking for their breakfast Continue reading