Where I have been and what happened to me

Where I have been for over a month and what happen to me explained with the help of family members because some things I do not remember.

It started on my Birthday I was in Severe pain from my hernia couldn’t eat was throwing up it hurt to breathe so I called 911 they rushed me to the hospital in a ambulance the ride was awful i was in so much pain when we got there they rushed me and did test they said my bowels were twisted in my hernia so the surgeon says he will operate to fix that then i can go to the dr i was suppose to see to get the hernia fixed well the surgery was done everything was going OK they had taken out part of my bowels and everything to fix this then they stood me up i felt something burst in me my tummy started swelling instantly i was screaming in pain they rushed me to do x rays my bowels had burst the surgeon says i don’t have the resources and i can’t fix you and at 4am in the morning they wrap me up and tell me they are going to fly me out to a bigger hospital they tell my family i only have a 10 percent chance of living the helicopter gets there by that time they are having to breathe for me with one of those things they squeeze every few Min’s they tell me I’m going on the helicopter i say no I’m not I’m scared of heights they say you don’t have a choice its go or die so i had a trip on the helicopter was rushed straight into surgery to repair my bowels where they burst and clean all that out the best they could by that time i had became septic from my bowels bursting which caused me to have congestive heart failure and my lungs filled with fluid and collapsed the Dr’s told me they did a x ray and it was just all white in my chest then a few days later they went back in and did surgery to repair the hernia remove more damaged bowel they even removed my appendix and they removed my belly button i don’t have one any more then i spent 10 to 11 days in ICU on a respirator they couldn’t get me to breath if they took it off i couldn’t breathe they had to put it back i was on a feeding tube for a long time my body got very weak i was eventually moved to a regular room then to rehab now i am home in a hospital bed under the care of home health nurses and family members i have been having to learn how to do everything all over again i can’t walk without help or get out of bed without help i type slow but I’m getting better at it this is a slow recovery process but at least I’m home with my friends to recover and to end this  I want to thank my friends their love and support have helped me through this so much I have the best friends in the world their love and support is better than any medicine in the world i can never thank them enough for what they have done for me i am so blessed to have them as my Friends my friends are angels 🙂

so my battle continues but I’m so blessed to be here if i spelled anything wrong please forgive me just wanted to try to explain in the shortest version i could what happen to me I love you my friends ❤ 🙂

3 thoughts on “Where I have been and what happened to me

  1. I’m sorry CLETA!!! I’m glad your feeling better though, and the helicopter ride sounds fun.. but only cause I like heights. I’m glad your OK. We’ve all missed you. I’ve kept you in my prays and will continue to do so.

    -Friends that love you-

  2. Thanks for sharing ur story with us i am glad u are doing better and with so much support around u things can only can better from here i wish u a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with u xx

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