My Health Issuses Explained

My Health Issues explained

2 years ago 9/11/08 I had surgery for ovarian cancer from the surgery I developed Hernia’s I have 3-4 the Doctors say but one is very serious my bowels have burst through the hernia and are entangled in it and are visible under the skin  I have been fighting for 2 years  trying to get a surgeon to operate to repair the hernia’s now the hernia that is so bad the doctors are afraid to operate the last surgeon I went to looked at me and said I am very sorry I cannot operate on you I am afraid I will make you worse or kill you… so now I am still trying to find a surgeon that will operate to fix the hernia I cannot eat “solid” foods because if I do I have severe pain and it makes me very sick so its liquids only nutrition drinks, juice sometimes jello and pudding I also have diabetes so the not eating issue causes my blood sugar to drop very low a “normal fasting” blood sugar level  is 70 to 100 mine this morning was 52 and sometimes goes as low as 42  I have been very sick just wanted to explain what has been happening with me so my friends would know 🙂

And I have the best friends in the world I love them all 🙂

And I want to thank them for all of their support and kind words and for caring about me ❤

I have a appt in Nov to see another surgeon so hopefully this time it will be good news that something can be done 🙂

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