Healthcare promises that aren’t there……

Health care promises that aren’t there……

The issue with Health care in the United States right now is so bad At least 15.3% of the population is completely uninsured

and a substantial additional portion of the population (35%) is “underinsured“, or not able to cover the costs of their medical needs  that was taken from wikipedia .

Health care reform in the United States

What has it done for us Mr Obama???

There are so many people suffering right now because they can’t get the care they need or the medicine they need to survive . Cancer patients suffering because they can’t see a Doctor they don’t have insurance to get the treatment they need or if they do try to get help from the government taking absurd amount of time to get it and being told you are not disabled ….. how worse do you have to be to be considered disabled in the governments eyes ?? Children not having health care because their parent’s can’t afford health care, The elderly suffering going without food just to buy their medicine for the month lots of families doing that letting bills go not buying food just to be able to buy medicine or see a Doctor for the care they need again I ask Mr Obama where is your Health care Reform working here?? Try walking a day in these honest hard working peoples shoes and you will see your Health care Reform is not working at all… My wish for you Mr President hear the true stories from the hard working people fighting, struggling just trying to survive everyday to be able to get the help they need.   Let me hear your stories is health care working for you??

Thank you for listening to my rant about Health care its so true People are suffering everywhere because they can’t get the help they need and deserve ..

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