My Health Issuses Explained

My Health Issues explained

2 years ago 9/11/08 I had surgery for ovarian cancer from the surgery I developed Hernia’s I have 3-4 the Doctors say but one is very serious my bowels have burst through the hernia and are entangled in it and are visible under the skin  I have been fighting for 2 years  trying to get a surgeon to operate to repair the hernia’s now the hernia that is so bad the doctors are afraid to operate the last surgeon I went to looked at me and said I am very sorry I cannot operate on you I am afraid I will make you worse or kill you… Continue reading

Healthcare promises that aren’t there……

Health care promises that aren’t there……

The issue with Health care in the United States right now is so bad At least 15.3% of the population is completely uninsured

and a substantial additional portion of the population (35%) is “underinsured“, or not able to cover the costs of their medical needs  that was taken from wikipedia .

Health care reform in the United States

What has it done for us Mr Obama??? Continue reading