Farmville Addiction

Farmville Addiction ,

Do you have it? I have to admit I am addicted to playing Farmville it is a very popular game on Facebook There are currently 63,370,436 monthly active users worldwide Zynga Games on Facebook have become very popular here is the link to  Farmville there are so many reasons I think the game is so addictive there are so many things to do plant crops harvest them you can design your farm the way you want it even add houses,castles,cabins etc there are animals to feed and take care of there are just so many aspects to make you want to keep playing they are always adding new fun things to the game thats what makes it so interesting recently Zynga added a new game Frontierville here is the link to  Frontierville on Facebook you can follow Frontierville on twitter at Frontierville on twitter and follow Farmville at Farmville on Twitter where you will find updates about the games and new things that have been added . There is even a Farmville app for the iphone now so you can play Farmville anywhere anytime. I really enjoy playing Farmville and Frontierville I am not ashamed to admit I am addicted to playing the games . What are your thoughts about the game ? Maybe you would like to share some Pictures of your farm that would be nice 🙂  here is one from mine 🙂

Hugs 🙂


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