Staying safe in the dangerous heat

Tips on staying safe in the dangerous heat that a lot of states are dealing with right now. Heat advisories have been issued in some states with temps reaching 100 degrees or above. The most important thing stay hydrated drink plenty of water ,drinks like gatorade,juice etc stay away from soda’s when in the heat they can dehydrate you even faster. The severe heat can lead to dehydration,heatstrokes learning the signs of heat exhaustion, you should also know the symptoms of a heatstroke what to look for signs of a heatstroke . Stay indoors with air conditioning when at all possible. Check on neighbors to make sure they are safe . Always keep a fresh supply of water for pets try to keep them in a shaded area if they are outdoors if at all possible bring them indoors but if not keep a close watch on them and plenty of fresh cool water.Here are tips on preventing heat exhaustion and heat strokes tips on preventing heat strokes . Dealing with this heat makes me wonder why I complained so much when it was cold lol looking at this picture that would be so nice to have those temps right now but fall and winter will be back soon enough so try and enjoy your summer stay cool. 🙂

wouldn’t you like to be there right now


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