Food for the mind

Learning is a great thing I crave it it’s food for the mind. Every little thing you learn leads to something bigger in life and the most important thing you have to be willing to learn. I have been blessed with the best friends in the world that have taught me so much . I went from not knowing very much at all about computers to now using linux on my computer learning about html and having my own blog. There are so many things I have learned to many to list. But I have to give thanks to my friends who are so patient in teaching me about these things. I am even considering taking some online college courses to further my learning about what I enjoy doing.The one great thing I have learned in life never take the small things for granted take time in life to see them slow down during your day smile at someone say hello give someone a hug you don’t know how much that could mean to them and cherish your friends they are angels on earth . I love all of my friends don’t know what I would do without them . And as you will find out about me as you see more of my blog I love Hugs and Music I listen to a lot of music . I have insomnia don’t sleep very much so you may see a lot of random blogs from me .


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