Farmville Addiction

Farmville Addiction ,

Do you have it? I have to admit I am addicted to playing Farmville it is a very popular game on Facebook There are currently 63,370,436 monthly active users worldwide Zynga Games on Facebook have become very popular here is the link to  Farmville there are so many reasons I think the game is so addictive there are so many things to do plant crops harvest them you can design your farm the way you want it even add Continue reading

Staying safe in the dangerous heat

Tips on staying safe in the dangerous heat that a lot of states are dealing with right now. Heat advisories have been issued in some states with temps reaching 100 degrees or above. The most important thing stay hydrated drink plenty of water ,drinks like gatorade,juice etc stay away from soda’s when in the heat they can dehydrate you even faster. The severe heat can lead to dehydration,heatstrokes learning the signs of heat exhaustion, you should also know the symptoms of a heatstroke what to look for signs of a heatstroke . Continue reading

Food for the mind

Learning is a great thing I crave it it’s food for the mind. Every little thing you learn leads to something bigger in life and the most important thing you have to be willing to learn. I have been blessed with the best friends in the world that have taught me so much . I went from not knowing very much at all about computers to now using linux on my computer learning about html and having my own blog. There are so many things I have learned to many to list. But I have to give thanks to my friends who are so patient in teaching me about these things. I am even considering taking some online college courses to further my learning about what I enjoy doing. Continue reading